"This is my commandment that you love one another (John 5,17)

Join the Marriage Movement! Be a part of building a marriage culture in New Zealand

Dear fellow Christians and Church leaders, a wonderfully successful inter-denominational Prayer Vigil was held in the grounds of Parliament on the evening of 27 March 2013, in relation to the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Bill. It coincided with the Committee stage of the Bill which was debated in Parliament that night.

As you know the Committee voted by majority to pass the Bill without amendment and refer if back to the House for its 3rd and final reading, which is scheduled for 17 April. Thereafter, if passed, the Bill will become law.

The time is short but we feel that the Lord is calling His people to replicate the call to prayer, following the model of the Prayer Vigil at Parliament, in every community and every electorate nationwide, before the 3rd reading of the Bill.

Specifically we are suggesting that, working with other local churches or with your own church, by denominational streams or otherwise, prayer vigils be organised for Sunday (afternoon or evening) 14 April 2013; just 3 days before the Bill has its final reading on 17 April.

We suggest that the vigils be held outdoors in parks, near war memorials or even in the church grounds, so that a public witness of our deep concern for the future of our nation is given from one end of the country to the other.

With that in mind we offer to you a complete “resource kit” which can be downloaded and used as a template for the vigils.

It includes all of the following:

  • A slightly modified version of the programme which was used so successfully at Parliament.
  • Some general background comments for your use.
  • Our Statement of Purpose.
  • A transcript of the reflection on marriage given by Archbishop John Dew.
  • A transcript of the definition of marriage given by Pastor Rasik Ranchord.
  • The text of the readings from the Song of Songs showing the words of the bride and the bridegroom and a short introduction. This is to be read by a married or engaged couple

All of this information can be downloaded from this website. We do hope that you will actively respond to this initiative which we believe that the Lord is calling us to, at this critical time in our nation’s history.

May His Holy Spirit be with you, strengthen and guide you, as you consider this call which He has placed in our hearts.


Sincerely in Christ Jesus our Lord,

New Zealanders’ For Marriage